Baccarat Super 6


Originating in Italy in the 1500's and introduced to the rest of Europe in the Nineteenth Century, Baccarat was regarded as the Game of Kings. Baccarat is also known as Lucky 9 and Punto Banco. There are two variations of Baccarat that can be played in Resorts World Manila, Mini Baccarat and Super Six . The aim of the game is to place a wager on the hand which totals nine or the closest to nine. You may place a wager on the player, banker or tie.

How to Play

  1. The aim of the game is to place a wager on the hands which totals nine or the closest to nine.
  2. Players may place a wager on : PLAYER or BANKER with additional side wagers for Player / Banker Pair, Tie or Super Six according to the minimum and maximum of the table.
  3. The Dealer deals two hands for Player and Banker.
  4. The highest bettor has the privilege to squeeze the cards or let the Dealer open the hand on his behalf. Player / Banker STANDS or HIT 3rd CARD depends on the tableau ( see additional information ).
  5. Dealer announces the winner after both hands have been revealed.
    • Winning bets on Player or Banker is paid even money.
    • Super Six wins 12 to 1 if Banker wins on 6 points and all banker’s bet pays half.
    • Tie wins 8 to 1 if Player and Banker have the same hand total.
    • Pair wins 11 to 1 if the initial cards for Player or Banker has same value.

Betting on side bets will give you better chances. “More SIDE BETS, More WINNINGS”

A variation of the game also known as the Game of Kings, you'll still get same excitement as the original.

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