Money Wheel


The wheel is divided into sections, each section is represented by a symbol. The aim is to place a bet on the symbol that you think will be lucky on the next spin.The Odds for the sections are displayed on the wheel and on the table, ranging from Even Money to 47-1. The wheel is spun by the Dealer and if the wheel finishes spinning and lands on the symbol you placed a bet on, you win.

How to Play

  1. Place a bet on the symbol that you feel will come out.
  2. The Dealers call NO MORE BETS and spins the wheel.
  3. When the wheel has finished spinning and lands on one of the symbols, the Table Staff announces the winning result.
  4. The Dealers will remove all losing bets and all winning bets are paid at the odds displayed.
  5. Should the Indicator stop on the divider between two compartments the Dealer shall announce a “No-Spin”. Bets may remain, be changed or removed.

Play the game that is both easy and fun.

Floor Maps: