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The scoop on how to beat the heat

Monday, June 29, 2015

Cafe Maxims Gelato

Café Maxims at premier lifestyle and entertainment hub Resorts World Manila (RWM) proudly serves up an irresistible selection of gelato flavors that promises to add some cool factor to this scorching hot summer. Made with the finest ingredients available locally and abroad, this Italian favorite is actually made right in the Café Maxims kitchen under the close supervision of RWM VP for Food & Beverage Hubertus Cramer.

“I know what good ice cream is about,” states Cramer. “I’m a trained pastry chef. I studied pastry for three years and I was a pastry chef in a Michelin restaurant. What we do takes a lot of flavors. We import flavors. For example, our pistachio paste comes from Italy. It’s the best in the world. That’s what allows us to be different,” he explains.

Although “gelato” is the Italian word for ice cream, there is no real notable distinction between the two—other than gelato’s classification as Italian cuisine—which of course is popular the world over. After Café Maxims acquired a machine designed to produce gelato, Cramer put his experience to good use and began churning out the very same kind of authentic gelato you would only find in the gelateries of Rome, Venice, Milan, and other Italian locales.

“In Italy, they have been producing gelato for a long time because they have mountainous regions where they can harvest ice blocks which are brought to regional areas where conching takes place,” says Cramer. “Today, high tech machines do this using consistent temperature. Probably the most important process in gelato making is the maturation process, which is bringing the milk up to a certain temperature and resting it on eggs. This closes the process by locking in the flavors and having them rest before you conch them.”

Among the exciting array of flavors created by Cramer and his team for Café Maxims are pistachio, buko pandan, cappucino, Manhattan cheesecake, mango, black forest, dark chocolate, cookies biscottino, ferrero, tiramisu, salted caramel, French vanilla, green tea, strawberry, browned pecan butter, bubble gum, chunky peanut butter, banana caramel, and hazelnut nutella.

This delectable treat is served only at Café Maxims at the ground floor of the Maxims Hotel, Resorts World Manila in Pasay. To know more, visit www.rwmanila.com or call Tourist/Visitor Hotline at (02) 908-8833.  





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