Silk Road

Savor the authentic culinary delights inspired by the ancient trading route where east meets west, perfected by master chefs whose exquisite preparations are a source of cultural pride. 
Preserved in this 126-seat culinary heritage spot are dishes inspired by Asian cuisine from Filipino, Singaporean, Korean, Malaysian, Chinese and Japanese. 
Aside from satisfying your palate, the essence of harmony permeates in Silk Road’s exemplary ambiance and service. Silk Road will definitely bring you a sumptuous experience that is suitable for group gatherings and casual dining. 
Step into its welcoming doors and explore the dainty and complex cuisine worthy of Marco Polo.
Silk Road is open to guests 21 years old and above only.
Operating Hours:
Open 24 Hours
Ground Floor Newport Grand Wing
Contact Number:
+63 (2) 7908 8888 
Type of Cuisine:
South East Asian
Payment options:
Cash, credit card, Points

Seating Capacity:

40 seats