Red and White


Red and White is a simple and fun game which originated from one of the street games in the Philippines. During a fiesta celebration a few entrepreneurs set up a tent and within it they designed a mobile box with compartments and plastics balls. Kids played this game by throwing the balls into the box and won a prize corresponding to which of the compartments the ball landed in. From this humble beginning, this game of chance became known to adults as Pula-Puti. RWM improvised and enhanced it further to make it more attractive to international market.

How to Play

  1. Game is played using 3 ping-pong balls dispatched by the player in to a funnel; underneath is a checkerboard consisting of equal number of Red/White compartment slots and 2 RWM Logos.
  2. Players place a bet/bets on the layout.
  3. The Dealer/Inspector will release the 3 balls for the designated thrower and calls “NO MORE BETS”.
  4. The player with the highest bet throws 3 ping-pong balls in any way inside the transparent funnel.
  5. Table Staff announces the winning result based on the final color on which the balls rest.
  6. The Dealer removes all losing bets and all winning bets are paid at the odds displayed.

A rags to riches story of a game which started in streets and is now enjoyed by everyone.

Floor Maps: