Complaints Policy


Policy of the Company

Newport World Resorts (“NWR”) is fully committed to EarthCheck’s goals of developing and promoting tourism business operations that effectively address key sustainability, climate, and social issues.

Thus, NWR adopts the policy of addressing all customer complaints in a prompt, efficient, effective, and fair manner. Customers, guests, and patrons are assured that all feedback and complaints received by NWR on its products, services, and staff performance are handled professionally and with utmost confidentiality.

NWR considers all feedback and addresses all complaints in a manner which ensures the most beneficial outcome for all stakeholders not only by addressing specific individual complaints, but also by institutionalizing practices, procedures, and systems improvements to prevent similar issues from arising in the future.

Feedback and Complaints Procedure

NWR’s customers, guests and patrons may send their written feedback and complaints to its Customer Care Centre at All feedback and complaints which require action go through the following procedure:

  1. Feedback and complaints received through NWRs’ official feedback and complaint channels are immediately acknowledged in writing.
  2. The feedback or complaint will then be endorsed to the Department or Unit involved for proper handling and investigation.
  3. All information gathered pertaining to the feedback or complaint will then be reviewed.
  4. After assessment, the customer, guest, or patron will be duly informed of the outcome, the resolution to their feedback or complaint, and the measures to be taken with due regard to confidentiality protocols and data privacy laws, rules and regulations.
  5. Once satisfactory to the customer, guest, or patron, all Departments and Units concerned will promptly and properly implement the measures identified to resolve the feedback or complaint. 

Communications between the customer, guest, or patron and the representatives of NWR shall be open, regular, and constant during the pendency of the investigation. NWR shall exert best efforts to arrive at resolutions that are reasonably expected to be satisfactory to the customer, guest, or patron. The decision of the NWR Management on complaints shall be final and executory, and the measures thereupon shall be implemented immediately.

Review of Existing Policies and Procedures

NWR shall periodically review its policies and procedures to further improve its existing practices, policies, procedures, and systems to prevent similar and persistent issues.

Additional Information

Customers, guests, and patrons may also send their inquiries regarding this Policy and Procedure or any other matter, information, or transaction with NWR through the following official channels:

Telephone: +63 (2) 7908 8888