Let your taste buds explore two different cultures and two worlds in Ginzadon.
Taking its name from ‘Ginza,’ the upscale Tokyo district and the Korean term for money ‘don,’ Ginzadon gives diners a taste of two distinct, but undeniably related countries.
Not to be mistaken as a fusion restaurant, Ginzadon’s chefs are highly acclaimed for their dedication to authenticity in the exacting standards of both Japanese and Korean culinary arts. The restaurant celebrates the cuisines of Japan and Korea by staying true to their traditions and serving them together in a thrilling interplay of textures and flavors.
Operating Hours
11:00AM to 12:00MN Daily
3F, Newport Club,
Newport World Resorts
For reservations
Call +63 (2) 7908 8888
Restaurant Type
Fine Dining
Payment options
Epic Points, Cash, Credit Card


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